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We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Water Testing Kits & Soil Testing Kits in India. With more than 80 different On - Site Aquaexcel Water Testing Kits we have made mark in the field of sewage water testing & have presence in India as well as other parts of the world through our network of dealers & distributors.

Providing outstanding service to our customers is something what we have become prominent for. It is the keystone of our business & what sets us mobile water testing kits. apart from the competition. Our mission is to manufacturer & supplier world class Easy to use Portable Water Testing Kits & Sewage Water Testing & create an image for consistency in quality & performance.

Our Aquaexcel Water Testing Kit methods are based on Standard Methods for examination of onsite water testing kits, onsite water testing kits & analyzing test prepared by American Health Association ( APHA ), American Water Works Association ( AWWA ), Indian Standards ( IS ) and other standard methods.

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